Is there a cost to convert to EveryCall?

No. Switching to EveryCall is free.

How does EveryCall provide local service?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 allows Everycall to provide service using your phone companies existing lines and network. You will have the same reliable service you have always enjoyed.

Who do I call for customer service?

EveryCall handles all service and repair issues. Unlike your old phone company, EveryCall will not make you go through a maze of voicemail before you talk to a real, live customer service representative. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. Customer service can be reached at: 1-877-564-1100 or email:

Will my phone numbers or features change?

No. You get to keep the same phone numbers and features you currently have.

Do I have to sign a contract to switch to EveryCall?

No. EveryCall wants you as a customer for many years to come, not because you signed a contract, but because you are satisfied with the savings and service you continue to receive. For this reason, EveryCall will not ask you to sign a contract to begin enjoying the savings and service we offer.

Will I receive my bill from EveryCall?

Yes. EveryCall will send you one monthly statement that combines both your local and long distance charges.

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